Weddings, Christmas, birthdays, housewarming parties- all of these scream budget breaking events! The only thing that makes them worse, is when they all seem to attack you (and your wallet) full-force and at the same time!

Throughout the year, my husband and I set aside a monthly amount of money into a “gift” envelope, so when these gift needing events are staring us in the face, we are prepared. Even though we do prepare financially, I am still a bargain hunter through and through. However, I don’t believe that quality should be sacrificed in the process!

Last night I attended a bridal shower for a dear friend of mine. As I contemplated what I should get her, it hit me that if I went to the typical “bridal registry” store for her gift with a budget of, say, $20; I would leave with probably only one or two small kitchen items. I decided that this was not the route I wanted to go, so I decided to get creative!

Now, let me preface this by saying I am the LEAST crafty or creative person you will ever encounter. I am not joking when I say I have a hard time even cutting a straight line with scissors. It’s really quite bad, so I was half-expecting the final product to look absolutely atrocious. However, I am pleased to announce that it turned out, on the contrary, quite amazing, if I do say so myself! On the even brighter side, my wallet was just as happy as the whole thing cost $18.20!

Now you’re probably wondering what it was that I got her and why it is so amazing! So keep reading because I am about to divulge my secret!!!

Dollar Tree! I am not ashamed to say that I absolutely love Dollar Tree! My husband and I purchase so many of our daily necessities there and walk out hardly making a dent in our monthly budget!  We feel like rock stars when we leave (probably because rock stars have money and since we shopped there, we still do too!) But anyway, I digress.

When I first moved into my own condo, I needed my own kitchen utensils, but I didn’t have a lot of money, so I went to our ever-faithful Dollar Tree and shopped the huge wall of tools! That was September of 2015 (now December of 2016) and I still use those utensils on a daily basis. So, when I needed a gift for my friend’s bridal shower I knew exactly where I was going to go.

Pictured below is an un-assembled view of everything that I was able to purchase from Dollar Tree and Walmart and a list of how much I spent for each item:


  • Pot Holder Set (2 pot holders, 1 oven mitt, and 2 dish towels)- $5.47 Walmart

  • Cake Pan- $2.97 Walmart

  • Metal Whisk-$.88 Walmart

  • Measuring Cup and Spoon Set- $.88 Walmart

  • Apple Corer and Slicer- $1.00 Dollar Tree

  • Vegetable Peeler- $1.00 Dollar Tree

  • Metal Spatula- $1.00 Dollar Tree

  • Plastic Spoon- $1.00 Dollar Tree

  • Flexible Silicone Spatula- $1.00 Dollar Tree

  • Betty Crocker Double Ended Silicone Spatula- $1.00 Dollar Tree

  • Betty Crocker Silicone Baster- $1.00 Dollar Tree

  • Betty Crocker Kitchen Scissors- $1.00 Dollar Tree


15 items!!! AND I was able to keep within my “under 20 buck budget”!

*Insert crowd cheers here*

Now, here’s where I thought for sure my plan would come unraveled! Remember when I said I wasn’t crafty? Well, this is proof that there’s hope for you, too, my friend! If you struggle at all with getting creative or putting things together in a style that doesn’t scream “a two-year-old created this”, then fear no more! I have the perfect idea for you!


All I did was stuff the individual items into the oven mitt, place them in the cake pan, give the oven mitt an ever so slight turn to look fancy, wrap it with some ribbon and a bow and Bam! It was done!

It literally couldn’t have been easier and was clearly better than just giving her a spatula and mixing bowl for the same price, but from a different store!

We all know that these are items that anyone who has a kitchen will need eventually- especially if they’re just starting out- i.e. housewarming or bridal shower. So why not get bang for your buck and give her something that says I put effort and thought into your gift?

So, here’s to owning gift season with money left over!


Posted by:Emily Laniak

I am a 27 year young, candle loving, Jesus worshipping, creative entrepreneur and proud dog mom. I am a chronic illness warrior by the grace of Jesus and my heart beats to worship Him.

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